logo_fibopowerFIBO 3-4 APRIL in Cologne

If you are attending this show, I hope we can meet up and would appreciate appointment with you. Here are some  reasons we should meet up to talk about Currie Marketing and Acerchem                                                            www.acerchem.com


  1. RicePlant proteins. We have regular supplies of Pea protein and Rice protein. Rice protein 300 mesh makes a very good shake and in combination with Pea gives a complete protein with amino profile  that is as good as Whey. If you want bulk we can supply. If you want blends we can supply. If you want a Formulated Great tastiing shake with sweeteners and flavours we can supply… ready to pack .


  1. fermentation2.       All Fermentation Amino Acids.  There is an increasing call for non-animal origin AMINO ACIDS. Vegetarian claims, health and associated images make non-animal orign very appealing.  Many Aminos are still made from Feathers and allegations of hair still being used. Talk to us about Our non-animal fermented range including Leucine, Tyrosine and Cysteine. 
  1. softgels3.       Softgels.  Acerchem and Catalent have a joint marketing agreement for softgel supplements in Europe. Catalent are the worlds largest softgel producer and acerchem will be distributors for the Catalent China Factory. So if softgels are of interest and qualiuty is important then talking to Acerchem about the Catalent Range is a must.!