PeasAlternative Proteins are becoming big business according to Bloomberg Report from Last April.

Pea protein is being used by mainstream food companies as alternatives to Wheat and Soya in biscuits and snacks. It is said in the article that They have more protein and fibre than wheat or rice, and provide B vitamins, iron and zinc. They can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Pea is also non allergenic.

Rice protein is finding interest too for its non allergenic and easy to digest properties. This is especially advantageous in infant nutrition.
Both proteins are quite bland in taste and this fact can be used widely in many foods where after all taste does matter. Traditional proteins such as Soy can have a bitter edge .

The main producers are Canada and US States like the Dakotas. China has a great processing capacity and imports Canadian Peas for downstream protein concentrates.

AcerchemAcerchem of China are producing Rice Protein up to 80%. Some of the new fine powders have a really smooth taste and can be used in Sports shakes and Protein Drinks. Acerchem are also suppliers of Pea Protein and blends of proteins with flavours for ready to retail products under the “Acerpro ”  Brand