bullBeef Protein seems to be the next big protein source but I have a few questions.

Does it taste as good as a prime fillet or Sirloin?  Steaks are 36-50% protein but people are raving about blueberry flavoured beef protein?  Fine if that’s what you like but I like mine medium rare with a wine reduction ju and a few mushrooms and the rest !

I suppose its OK if you are lactose intolerant too but you can have plant proteins for that . Doubtful vegetarian claims and as for kosher and Halal ?

If prime cuts of meat are sold over the meat counter then what is being used to make the beef protein?  I guess it is not prime cuts then. So is it from mechanically stripped and recovered bones and cartilage that normally go for filling low cost sausages?

Then there is hygiene and mad cows disease and untold future E-Coli Scares. When I worked in a lab on bio assays this kind of thing was ideal for growing bacteria. My personal view and experience

Mt personal view is someone has come up with a great idea to sell cheap waste meat and its dressed up like the Emperor’s New Clothes. Mind you whey was once a waste stream and look at it now. However you are getting the best of the whey and this is the same with rice and pea proteins too.

No a good grilled steak and trimmings please!