caffeine     Indian producers for CAFFEINE synthetic are now able to take on China on quality and price.

World producers of caffeine are BASF, Germany  and China. For many years China has ruled the world on the supply of Caffeine but in recent times even the number of producers in China is limited. The total world production of synthetic caffeine is put at around 10,000 tonnes

China Suppliers

Shandong  Xinhua Pharmaceuticals located in Zibo, near Jinan in Shandong province  are an old establish producer  The main products of Shandong Xinhua have been granted the COS Certificate from EDQM and passed the site inspection from USA FDA.

CSPC Pharmaceuticals Group , Shijiazhuang, Hubei province are a very large concern .They do not have the COS certificate anymore  which limits pharmaceutical use to Xinhua.


Now step forward India who are producing synthetic Caffeine with competitive product of high quality. Among those producing are Aarti Drugs located just outside Mumbai. Aarti have a group turnover of $660 million and a major producer of API and speciality chemicals.


India can now offer another supplier for those companies where CAFFEINE is a strategic commodity and who may value a quality competitive supplier outside of China.


There is a major industry producing Caffeine from the decaffeinated tea and coffee

It is reckoned that around 120,000 tonnes are consumed with the bulk of it coming from Tea and Coffee.

Extracted and synthetic caffeines are used predominantly in soft drinks and pharmaceutical applications as a stimulant. Recently there have been moves to use it in enhancing sports performance.