Carcavrol has the distinct aroma of oregano. Oreganon oil consists of Carvacrol and Thymol in the main.  Now apart from flavouring there is a lot of use of these and other essential oils in the feed industry as an alternative to antibiotics.

Restriction on the use of in-feed antibiotics in many countries has fuelled the interest in alternative products. A group of natural products known as phytogenics has been the focus of several studies in recent years. Also referred to as phytobiotics or botanicals, phytogenics are plant-derived products used in feed to potentially improve pig performance. Aside from having antimicrobial activity, these products potentially provide antioxidative effects, enhance palatability, improve gut functions, or promote growth.


Carvacrol is one of the leading components of PF that is showing effective use in feeds.

ParamountCarvacrol is made by Paramount Aromachem India sythesised from Orange Terpenes