PRESS RELEASE   Thursday,29 November 2012

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New Production of Carvones in India  and now 2013 CARVACROL

At the recent IFEAT conference in Singapore, Currie Marketing was promoting their new Indian sourced L and D carvone.

Paramount Aromachem manufactures the material at its plant in Ghaziabad, near Delhi.  Production started earlier this year on a pilot plant whilst the new 2400 tonnes capacity factory, currently under construction, will be commissioned in the second half of 2013.

An attractive part of the new process is the absence of solvents which is part of the mission to use “green chemistry” from renewable feedstock. The process uses D Limonene from Brazil and L –Limonene from India.  The resultant product is free from many impurities associated with older methods of production which are still carried out in other parts of the world.

Considerable research was put in to this project to produce a “green” efficient process and one which did not infringe any current process patents.

Most of the major F&F companies have approved the quality of the samples and orders with some of the big names already established.

In recent years Chinese manufacturers have dominated the market as western producers discontinued the old process, which produced considerable quantities of toxic effluents.

Now with Paramount there is an alternative competitive green producer of L and D carvone.

Januray 2013 saw production of Carvacrol