China is  producing L-Cysteine using fermentation. The process starts with  L-2-amino-delta2-thiazoline-4-carboxylic acid and then fermentation to Cystine and Electrolysis to L-Cysteine.

This is different from the Wacker Process and so patent infringement is not an issue with Wacker.

Acerchem Shanghai are keeping stocks in Rotterdam for prompt delivery

Dutch TV did a program earlier in 2015 sensationalising the use of hair to make Cysteine and since then there has been a lot of interest in this fermentation product.

Major flavour groups are looking to source non animal origin Amino Acids and so the Chinese Production will be of great interest. Prices will still be triple animal origin cysteine but will be a competitive alternative in the market.

At CPHI China June 2015 there will be an opprotunity to discuss non-animal Cysteine with Acerchem on stand E6E11