AcerchemAcerBiomaxTM            Vitamin D3

Supply is tight for Vitamin D3 however Acerchem’s unique.encapsulation Techology has made our supply stable and price remains competitive even though market is moving up. Shelf life 3 years shows we can be ensure stable quality under good conditions.


AcerBiomaxTM            Vitamin A


Together with Vitamin D3, Biomax family has other good profile with Vitamin A. With same formulation and technology, Acerchem can remain competitiveness on Vitamin A when market is moving up. Now it is stable in the supply and demand.


Vitamin C


Ascorbic Acid market is meeting some changes since early 2015. Aland has belong to DSM so many customers are finding new alternatives. Market is moving up to USD3.4-USD3.5/kg and it is said the market will be firm in Q1 before hot demand season.

Suggest cover short demand now from Acerchem to get good price.


Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 market is stable. It will be kept quite a time. Chinese New Year will come and any changes will be seen after that. Keep good stock during February and March.



Vitamin B2

VB2 market is stable while Guangji retains the price at USD60. Some new small manufacturers are coming out with price below USD50. Thanks to Acerchem’s quality system, we recommend new sources for consideration.


Vitamin B5


Vtamin B5 is stable and USP grade is declining. Xinfu wants to keep price at current level after reconstruction. Price will be kept at this level at least two months and keep enough stock during Festival.


Vitamin B6


Same as other vitamins, Vitamin B6 is also stable. Lowest level is around USD20-21 and will not see any chance to go down before Chinese New Year. All plants have been working together to maintain the price level, which seems quite possible in February and March




Biotin is under fluctuation. Market is above USD800 from manufacturers. Because of Acerchem’s central buying system, Acerchem can offer competitive package in a good volume. It is not easy for plant to keep materials, so please book enough stock these 2 weeks for quick delivery. There is potential plant to come however it will not affect supply too much.