This is a bit of promotion for Arora Aromatics India. I visited this factory in Moradibad on the road from Dehli to Lucknow. A lot is said about Indian Roads and Traffic and none that I would deny. It can be a hair raising experience which is no mean feat if you know my hair ! Now a Pub Quiz fact is that the World Cup was made in Moradibad which is a centre  of excellence for brass now you know where the “Duck and Dog” get their Horse Brasses !

2015-03-18 22.48.00Our first stop was the Arora Aromatics Factory near Moradibad. Arora run by Arvind Arora . They are leaders in the production of Mints and Menthol .  A key factor of Arora is their intense knowledge of the market at ground level. Arvind learned the business from the ground up and his relations with farmers and traders has grown up over the years. A knowledge that is invaluable in this business.

We are exclusively promoting Arora in Europe and we are very impressed with their cis -3 – hexanol ability.

After Moradibad we were off to Delhi back down  that road with trucks with no rear lights . Scary but at the same time quite enthralling and so interesting but I should really have been terrified.

In DeDSC02551lhi we were off to Ghaziabad to visit Paramount and their new factory. When I was last here there was a skelton of buildings ready to install all the equipment for the production of L-Carvone and derivatives. The factory is a testament to ingenious engineering by Sharad Agrawal and his father Vijay. A 2000 tonne factory that can be run from a central command centre with a staff of 5 !!!  Amazing and endorsed by all F&F visitors who have seen it.

Now the ethos of the factory is adherence to Green Principles  and this is certainly the case. One of the best factories I have ever seen and so well engineered. Green Chemistry as defines as   is the utilisation of a set of principles that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products.

So if you are using Spearmint you had best ensure your products are Green !!

We were well looked after by Vijay and Sharad and had dinner at their house. The home cooking has to be sampled to be believed. Excellent !!

2015-03-21 15.41.59Next stop Goa for the weekend and sun ,sand palm trees . It was good to relax and have a dip in the ocean too. My only complaint was it was “too hot ” and typical phrase used by us Brits. Mind you on my return to UK it was back into big coats and hats and scarves and gloves…what a country !! Goa was great and a complete contrast to business. Sounds odd but great Greek Restaurant Thalassa. Excellent food and Ocean Views .

A quick stop in Mumbai for two nights and dinner at Ravi’s Sports Club with the Cricket Pitch and aircon viewing !!

Had my eye on motorbike, Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Never ridden one but if I did this retro bike would be it.2015-03-23 14.40.29

Look forward to next trip to India for sure.