air-pollutionWe hear that recent explosion at Wanxiang International Aromas, Huaian, Jiangsu  has resulted in the death of at least  killed one worker.  Wanxiang are producers of many Aroma Chemicals including L- carvone  and Carvacrol

According to our sources the explosion  was in the workshop producing DMJ  ( methyl di-hydro jasmonate) when there was an accident involving the spontaneous combustion of methanol resulting in the death of at least one worker.

Sources say that the accident will not affect supply of many of the aroma chemicals. However the incident will have to be investigated by the authorities who are becoming more strict on China’s Chemical Factories and have increasing powers to close factories contributing to pollution and affects on workers welfare.

This week as reported in The Times, the UK has said it will not sign a global deal on climate unless China and India cut emissions.

It is therefore also on the shoulders of chemical buyers to seek out companies operating Green processes that will improve our enviroment and safety of workers.