It was a good show and very busy. Thanks to all who spent time to discuss their needs.

Looks like the Sports market is in healthy state.

However there is more competition and prices on many ingredients have risen a lot so I imagine margins are maybe tighter this year.

Whey protein prices still remain at high levels despite some new production. We heard prices for 80 instant € 7.50-8.50 kg.

RICE PROTEIN 80% alternative to Whey ? claims to have  neutral taste, can be blended with whey, good amino acid profile.

Amino Acids have been affected by a number of factors as demand rises. China seems to be influencing market more and more and slow downs and closures at some factories have led to shortages and price rises.


GLUTAMINE…this was still one of main topics of conversation and the most amino in demand. Every producer has been short and prices from a year ago have doubled. Chinese prices have been allowed to rise but I cannot say that the main drivers have been raw materials or energy costs.

BCAA..all of the branch chains were of interest especially under instability of prices and supply

BCAA  Blends Instant. Many enquiries for this one ask for our details