New Venue for FIBO Show. Cologne is a nice easygoing City and the Old Town had plenty of good restaurants and bars. Especially enjoyed  Papa Joes Jazz Lokal . Good music ,lively and music at a noise level to be enjoyed along with conversation with friends . No Queueing at the bar for beer as waitress made sure you never ran out ! Will be back next year !!

One big complaint. whoever organised the stands where nutrition companies were in Hall 2 and 8 should be given a good thrashing and I would do it if I had the energy after walking the huge distances from 2 –>8. Next year please , please nearer each other !!.

There were many more nutrition companies offering weight loss products and diets showing the widening of the market. There were many USA suppliers there as usual and many from Germany as you would expect but not so many from the UK. Those that were there such as CNP and Maxinutrition were pushing products endorsed by sports teams and the products were well researched and “proven “.


Plant proteins were talked about for widening the appeal to lifestyle products. Pea protein especially . There has been good improvement on preparing Pea protein that gives it a bland taste and reasonable dispersibility in liquid systems. It is also much cheaper than Whey.  Whey is at €8.30 kg and Pea at € 3.30 kg

Raspberry Ketone.  I found out that at the Anaheim Natural products show in March that there were many products with Raspberry ketone. So I assume Europe will take it up too.  It is mainly used as a slimming aid. Raspberry ketones appear to have a similar chemical structure to capsaicin and synephrine which may have a mild fat-mobilizing effect.

Like a lot of supplements research on humans is limited. The link below is quite a good review if somewhat sceptical.

Leucine. Many client were looking for a Leucine with improved solubility.  It would seem that top brands want the product to look good and Leucine causes problems with the grey powder film on top of a drink.

This is not an easy task.  Ajinomoto claim a patent on combing Leucine Valine and Iso-Leucine in a solution dissolving and crystallising. Claims that it improves solubility and taste.  Other methods are to micoincapsulate Leucine and BCAA in  Agar and disperse .  Granulation of Leucine or BCAA and adding lecithin will improve the performance too. sunflower lecithin is preferred to avoid allergy of using Soya lecithin.