This is our first post for 2016 and it is March already .

We have been busy looking at how to get news ideas and directions and will be revamping the site in the near future.

What we have learned is that business changes have been quite marked in recent times and I can use the old cliches about the world is shrinking and is more open.

Well it has and it is. I thought with the electronic revolution that a lot of business would be at a distance. However buyers seem to value face to face meetings more than ever ; almost as if the IT revolution has isolated many of us and we crave human contact.

I work from home a lot in a small village and I can start feeling stir crazy at times and need to get out ! My wife can agree at time I can be like the old bear emerging from hibernation . I should be looking for conversation and contact but I may bite if ruffled the wrong way !

I think as I advance in years i may become cynical in outlook and yet have to remember that many younger people dont have the burden of having seen it before or baulk at new regulations and quality accreditations ( more about these in the next post )

The markets are in the present and not in the past so we have all to operate in the present or perish in the future. However this will not stop me having a go at some current procedures that can irritate the Sh** out of me.

Ok so some new posts coming and a new way of doing business too that should appeal to overseas companies looking to make impact in Europe