,They mostly produce savoury/meaty notes. An organic  nitrogen source plus a sugar

A typical meat flavour, employed cysteine for its amino acid and hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP). The latter supports meaty character and provides mouthfeel..  React with Xylose sugar by heating gently to around 80-100 C

Key products are

Cysteine which contains sulphur molecule which is key for meat

L Methionine , Taurine and Thimaine HCl again Sulphur

HVP vegetable proteins so pea and rice proteins may be of interest

Taurine also used in petfood for cats metabolism in big quantity

Glycine too which does not have sulphur but under heat goes intense  brown and can mask off flavours

Proline, Glutamic Acid and Alanines too

Reducing Sugars….are needed to complete the reaction

Xylose which gives best reaction with cysteine to produce lots of flavour

Dextrose and Fructose

Minor sugars are  Rhamnose , Ribose and Arabinose