Currie is a distributor WS 23 imported from China  and India. After many years of research into this market we are pleased to offer commercial production of WS23.

We can produce WS23 at very cost effective levels using this new process.

What is it ? many of you will know but it is a cooling agent with none of the side effect of menthol, burning, irritation , bitterness etc. Useful in chewing gums and personal care. Not as cool as menthol but without above problems. It is used in E-Liquid preparation for cool sensational flavours and has applications in chewing gums and other confectionery .

Similar cooling agents to WS23 are the WS Range of WS3 WS5 and there is WS12

Nice link here all about cooling

For the intellectually minded there is also

For those who want to use cooling agents we can deliver

Menthol Crystals..Traditional cooling agent with minty notes

L- Carvone and aroma chemical which is the main component of spearmint . Warm minty notes

Dementholised Peppermint Oil

Spearmint Oil Natural

WS3, WS5 and WS12

Currie Marketing looks at improvements on manufacturing high value chemicals using improved technologies in synthetic chemistry and biotechnology.

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WS-23 800962 Spec