GDPR data protection for our kind of business will do following

  1. Your life will be complicated by a  large amount
  2. You will be sold useless software and urged to go on crap seminars because you fear GDRP
  3. It will possiblly cost you a lot of f****ing money
  4. There is no authority that will guarantee you are compliant
  5. It wont save you from hackers
  6. You will be scammed by lawyers who will say you are in breach but you can settle out of court because you are too scared to fight it and skint already by the fines threatened to be imposed .
  7. The ICO in the UK will never answer their phone to give advice. You sink or swim
  8. 90% of your emails will be about GDPR

Now for some positives

  1. You can unsubscribe to ticket master and other shit emails you get without doing anything
  2. That Colonel in the Nigerian army who has a fortune waiting for you will now be need you to accept his cookies but send token amount of money to get bigger load of scam cookies and the millions promised.
  3. REACH regulations don’t look so shit as you had thought compared to this