OK so China is the biggest producer in the world at 80% of world tonnage. There are producers in Vietnam and also India.  In fact in India there are around 4 main producers producing a total of around 2000 tonnes per year.

From India there are companies backward integrated to shell production  and so can offer security of supply and control over the whole process. India has also GMP production and DMF documents for pharmaceutical.  India too has not had the problems in the past with antibiotics such as chloramphenicol that has been an issue with some Chinese producers using farmed shellfish.

Indian producers found favour with major USA producers when there was a ban on Chinese product in the EU in the early 2000’s due to quality and antibiotics. A lot of finished tablets at that time came from the USA.  After the melamine problems from China in proteins many pet-food companies in the USA switched to India production.

In conclusion India should not be ignored as a quality supplier of Glucosamine. Indian companies can also be very competitive on price and at this point they are cheaper than China.

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