imagesResearchers at the  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have commented that GLUCOSAMINE may extend lifespan.  It is thought it lengthens life by switching the body’s energy  supply from sugary carbohydrates to fat  and protein.

Studies have been restricted to Mice yet

It was reported in the Daily Mail 9/4/14

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So we find out we can perhaps extend our lifespan with a product that the UK and the EU have decided to make it very difficult to import. Typical !! see Previous Blog at HERE

Yes the UK have led the way to get it treated as a fishery product even though the shrimp shells are blasted with hot concentrated acids and alkali until all traces of DNA are destroyed. Something smells fishy and it is not the shellfish !

Before we get too excited the studies have only been done on rodents and worms. However my dearest other half has often used these words in referring to  me so I will be taking 1500 mg a day starting NOW !!
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