Another year so that makes it 40 years in business of ingredients. Still as one of my mentors once often remided me, ” You’re only as good as your last deal” ;kind words indeed . However that is the reality for all of us in trading and sales and the New Year brings optimism for year ahead coupled with the knowledge that the mountain must be climbed again. Usually if you have had a good year you are given a bigger mountain to climb.

It is good to have invested in the New Year with some contracts for 2022 already in the bag that can take the pressure off and let more creative ideas to flourish. Anyway as some encouragement I have done this for 40 years and made it most years with couple of slips along the way. So develop some resilience ,which is essentail and believe you can do it. Keep learning new things and enjoy it as you too could be 40 years at it if you have just started out !

This year we will be concentraing again on Aroma Chemicals, Amino Acids and some Vitamins.

The growth areas will still be in plant derived products such as proteins for nutrition and the increasing vegan ( no meat ) markets. Supplements for vegans could also be a good area such as Vitamins B12, A-retinol and also Omega 3 derived from plant sources( Not ALA ) .

As Covid will be with us for quite a while supplements that promote immunity can be growth areas too.

I will from time to time scatter some other pearls of wisdom through posts .

All the best for 2022 to all sales people out there. Remember without sales the business has nothing .