The hot news from Dubai was that is was very hot ! I think most days it was around 39 degrees C or hot enough to melt menthol ! The conference centre itself was very good and well organised and one of the best I have been to.

Hhowever organising some of the events such as the reception and the IFEAT Dinner outside was not a good idea.  Too hot and humid for all.

I know the Bjurg Khalif is the tallest building in the world but having dinner outside in the plaza ( Dubai street food ? )was most underwhelming and yes hot, and the dinner too . A trip to the top as part of our $260 dinner,er,  buffet might have been quite exciting. I found out that booked in advance a trip up the tower was a mere $30.00 or the price of a beer at the 360 Club!

Anyway we had the sparkling light show from the tower and I wished the lights had been brighter so I could actually see what I was eating. Still we had a fountain and lovely dancing girls and beers so not all that bad !

Oh yes at the show one of the main topics was all about orange oil. There were no offers and a lack of major Brazilian producers at the show as the market was talked up  and up. I have a feeling as in all these things that someone will make a tidy profit out of it all . The producers and the main ones creating a “short” market may do very well.

Other products being a bit short and in demand were Eucalyptus, Litsea and Citral.