spearmintWith global demand for peppermint oil and spearmint mint oil rising by nearly 2% to 3% a year as people in developing countries purchase more oral hygiene products as well as more candies and confections made from mint.

Indian  is now a significant grower of spearmint oil but as yet not as great as China.  A recent study shows that there is a good CARVONE content in Indian Spearmint . Recent prices have been as good as China.


Here we have an extract from the report

Of the 6 cultivars of M. spicata (spearmint), carvone (51.3-65.1%) is the main constituent in 5
cultivars followed by limonene (15.1-25.2%), 1,8-cineole (≤0.1-3.6%), β-pinene (1.3-3.2%), β-myrcene
(≤0.1-2.8%) and β-caryophyllene (0.3-1.8%). The oil of Neerkalka contains the highest concentration
of carvone (65.1%) followed by MSS-5 (64.8%), Supriya (58.3%), Neera (54.0%) and Arka (51.3%).

The Conclusion is that India can be considered as a good source for Spearmint oils and we welcome enquiries.