Amino Acids     Amino Acids are the “lego bricks” of proteins which are the substance of life. They hold the body together and run it. Proteins can contain huge numbers of amino acids and the body tens of thousands of proteins. Yet there are only 22 standard  ( or 26 ) amino acids identified contained in proteins. Essential amino acids are those which are needed through diet and non essential which the body assimilates.

There are many other amino acids not found in proteins but are used in metabolic pathways. Carntine, Citrulline, GABA are examples .

Many are produced today by fermentation although cysteine, leucine, arginine are extracted from animal protein and glycine and taurine made synthetically.

Applications are for nutrition including sports, infants , health supplements and pet and animal feed. Some undergo reactions with sugars ( Maillard Reaction ) to form savoury and other flavours


Essential Nonessential
Histidine Alanine
Isoleucine Arginine*
Leucine Asparagine
Lysine Aspartic acid
Methionine Cysteine*
Phenylalanine Glutamic acid
Threonine Glutamine*
Tryptophan Glycine
Valine Ornithine*

Creatine, Citrulline, Carnitine Base, Carnitine Tartrate, Acetyl-Carntine, GABA, Arginine AKG