Our production of Carvones in India is well under way with expansion to 1000 tonnes next year.  Our samples are now approved at many leading F&F companies.

There has been a lot of research and development in this project. The aim being to not only provide an alternative supplier to China but to produce a “green chemistry” process to minimise pollution and carbon emissions  and which did not infringe any current patents.

We are pleased to report that our ambitions in these matters has been achieved.

Our manufacturer, Paramount Aromachem, is now a real alternative to the monopoly from China and the added competition should benefit our customers with lower prices and more stability.

It is our intention to add Carvacrol to the range of products for Q1 2013. This will be derived from the Carvone and finds uses as a flavour with Oregano/Thymol notes and can also be used as an antimicrobial in animal feed applications