crystal ballWe thought we would make a few predictions for 2014 . Time will tell if they were accurate or not. Many journals and magazines like to do this so we will have a go too !


No crystal ball needed to predict that imports of Glucosamine and Chondroitin will be a problem. It is a risky business getting all the documents correct for the whims of Port Health Authority and customs across Europe.  Legilslation can create markets. Interpretation of EU Directives never seem to be universal country by country. Expect a lot more to come through Romania and Bulgaria next year !   How about the vegetarian Glucosamine option ? Unfortunately it needs a novel food application and Cargill the only one with Novel Food approval.

5-HTP.  I hear shortage of Griffonia seeds in West Africa and lower stocks in China. I predict big price rise Q2.

Raspberry Ketone..If EFSA gets its way then a Novel Food application will be needed.  Raspberry Ketone can be imported as a flavour so how about a very strong raspberry flavoured plant protein drink ? Problem solved I think .


I see greater interest in plant proteins Rice and Pea.  A combination gives a complete protein profile and some of the new pea and rice I have seen actually taste very good. Oh and at half the price of whey it would enhance profits and make it more affordable for the end user.

AMINO ACIDS…If the powers that drive legislation on Glucosamine get their way I can see a few animal derived aminos that could be their next target.  Biotechnology to the rescue I think ?

FLAVOURS…some revolution in biotech is going to really make a big impact for flavour molecules. This is the one to watch for exponential growth.