k-v-aromatics-private-limited-logo-120x120Feb2012 Mint and menthol Report provided by KV Aromatics.

The prices of Mentha Oil in the spot market has slightly decreased from INR 1500/- to INR 1450/-.


Please note in the month of February, the prices on MCX were higher may be because of speculations. The result caused by major stockiest/farmers who deposited their Mentha Oil on the MCX creating a shortage of Mentha Oil in the spot market for manufacturers. In addition, the buyers & Sellers are also very less in the market, so the manufacturing margins are also shrinking creating a slow market.


On the other hand, the future month of April & May 2013, the MCX show lesser trend, secondly the growing of Mentha Oil are also reportedly good, as per market review, and hope for good in future as well.

Then also, the major farmers & stockist are not coming in the market for sell as they think the prices would be higher in the coming month of March/April as per last year trend. So they are in mood of wait & watch.

The Tentative price’s  for March & April shipment are as  follows for the following product:

a) Menthol Crystal-Large  @ US$ 30.00 per kg.

b) Menthol Crystal-Small  @ US$29.00 per kg.

The Tentative prices for  Third / Fourth Quarter for the following products are as below

Menthol Crystal (Large) @ US $ 27.00/kg CIF Sea.

DMO (Terpeneless) @ US $ 21/kg CIF Sea.

Mentha Oil (LM-72%) Crude @ US $ 22.25/kg CIF Sea

We also have Alpha Pinene & Beta Pinene in our stock and Cis-3-Hexenol 98% pure & natural

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