Reg: Market Update Mints and menthol from KV Aromatics  4/1/13



The current prices for Mentha Oil in the spot market are roaming around INR 1600/Kg. Earlier when we have visited to Singapore during IFEAT in Nov starting,

at that time the spot prices were INR 1370/Kg which is approximately 17-19% lower as compared to present spot prices.


In past few weeks, the spot prices of Mentha Oil has got sometimes up or down by 2-3%, otherwise the market is quite stable from last 2-4 weeks.


The reason for this stability of the market is due to less arrival of Mentha Oil in the market and on the other hand the buyers are also less, so market is quite balanced.


As you have analyzed from our last 3-4 market reports, the available quantity of Mentha Oil in the whole crop year for sale were around 36000 – 38000 MT in the last year and this is around 44000 – 45000 MT for this year, so it is around higher by 5000 – 7000 MT as compared to last year.


In the last year, all major stockiest & farmers has released their minimum stock of 4000-6000 MT in the market and the major manufacturers of India and China has also reduced their inventory by around 1000-2000 MT.


So, they all are retain the said inventory level of around 5000-7000 MT this year as a carry forward stock and these quantities are just filling that blank area to those major manufacturers, stockiest & farmers within this year. So, the available quantity for sale is remain same in this year.


In view of above facts, we conclude that the market should need to be stable for atleast this quarter, it might get reduced in the next quarter of this new year

from the highest level of this quarter.The major changes in the market will be occurred when the new crop hit the market within June or July 2013.


Hope the above factors & justification would satisfy your requirement & also help in your decision for procuring Menthol products.


Reg: Tentative Prices

The firm prices may depend upon the shipment schedule and the volume of the product required.


The Current Tentative prices   Menthol  $32.50, cis 3 Hexanol $460 kg