Sugar is the new enemy..well until “they'” come up with a new enemy. remember when fat was the enemy and producers came our with Fat Free and Low Fat . weight Watchers Brands and all that too ?! Still popular it would seem in supermarkets and since they have been around for years and the obesity epidemic is getting worse then the low fat has not worked very well at all !

So what is the chance for a sugar tax to do the job and who benefits. Well the chancellor of course will benefit and had lost money on sugar when prices were inflated to keep the green pound happy .  Industry used to complain that UK companies could not buy world prices and thus exports suffered.  Now it seems they will get some tax back again.

Of course it may be just a ploy to look good , to be doing something about obesity but not really much. Sugar is the new villain the  Blofeld of the ingredient world.  So now watch this space for a plethora of sugar free products or sugar free and fat free. Or sugar free, fat free, nut free and gluten free and I have just wiped out all of Cadbury Chocolate range.  Well its back to a good plate of porridge then minus the sugar the cream and the milk..absolutely disgusting but not as bad as wholewheat pasta with quinoa.

I have a feeling that the local Beijing Banquet restaurant all you can for  $20.00…will just be as full as ever this weekend !!