At IFEAT this year I was promoting L- Carvone made by Paramount India by their new green process. I was upset to find a couple of major F&F Companies refer to Paramount material as

” That Infringing material ” and ” That one has illegalities”

These statements are not true and should not be said. However we put it down to translation for one client but not the other who has a full grasp of English.

I can only guess which company could have been giving out this information, allegedly . The same one that has been frightening off USA Customers with the same story.  One company allegedly springs to mind, Renessenz. They have been informing USA customers of alleged infringement and so we assume it is they who are doing this on a worldwide basis too.

You know the old trick (of which Nutrinova was expert at) ;you tell the major customer that this new product is using a process which we think might infringe our process and if this is so then there will be trouble for you.

It is a cheap way to keep competition at bay by spreading such unfounded  falsehoods causing defamation attributable to loss of one’s reputation and business.

The fact is that the patent holder is not really trying to prove there is any infringement . They have done enough to frighten off competition and keep their monopoly going thus depriving US customers of a competitive sustainable, green alternative.

For anyone interested we have a 41 page Opinion written by eminent patent lawyers which can be viewed under a confidential agreement. Paramount are confident no infringement is taking place.

If we import to the USA then of course the patent holder can apply to the ITC to stop imports. We would welcome this and the subsequent inspection at our factory by the ITC. Of course this will not be done as they know the ITC will find in favour for Paramount.

However the current undertones of threats to customers are a “cheap” way of keeping out the competition