Dogs and PeasPea Protein for Pets

There is considerable interest in Pea Protein and other Plant proteins for addition to petfood. Now like me you are probably wondering why?

Dogs are actually Ominvores so they eat meat and plants. They can survive on either and so the addition of plant based proteins can be used in dog foods. It can be a substitute for soya, fish and meat meals in most diets. Pea proteins are a hypo-allergenic and  highly digestible and palatable and easily processed .  Pea Proteins contain some starch which has a  high water capacity and low gelatinization temperature make it easy to process and cook. Addition of Pea Starch itself can improve the performance. Pea Fibre from pea hulls can contribute to a healthier gut and digestion.

However dogs are carnivores so a good diet of meat is essential.

As for cats ? Well they are definitely carnivores and need more meat than dogs. Plant based proteins are not so good for cats . Of course the protein breaks down in all animals to Amino Acids. Arginine, Taurine and Cysteine . The latter two especially for cats.

We provide a full range of Amino Acids for pet food and human use.