• Faster Better and Different…The essence of Currie Marketing

    • People don’t pay for information They pay for results and convenience.

    • With that in mind Currie Marketing offers a unique service. A service that many have been asking for years.
    • Vital Information that is often wanted on the spot but can take so much time to find.
    • Even today extensive internet searches will not find this information and yet getting this information is vital.
    • How often do you need up to date prices and availability ? How often do you have to ring around for informatiuon that should be there quickly?
    • Currie Marketing delivers up to date prices on many ingredients.
    • Just access our site for FREE to see current prices on our home page.
    • For real offers in the market go tour Market Place
    • Finally do you want to move old inventory? ask about placing it in Market Place

  • We have over 30 years experience in trading and marketing of ingredients.  We specialise in AROMA CHEMICALS with representations  from India. Carvone and Carvacrol are our main products but call us for MINT derivatives too.
  • AMINO ACIDS for sports , nutrition, animal feed and flavour production

Interested to sell your company and products through us you ?

You  can do it two ways

1.  Discuss what you want to sell and see if it fits in our profile. We have databases with hundreds of buyer that we can contact about your products.

2. Use our website to advertise your company. A small block or banner advert can highlight your company with web link to you and us for follow up .

We can charge on commission basis for sales or can undertake more exclusive representation for a retainer. Advertising rates are quite modest by industry standards


On a day to day basis we act as brokers ..

  • We broker deals on commission basis  selling your current stock or finding that ingredient at the best price.
  • We put first class suppliers and buyers together
  • Up to date information on the market advising on current prices, trends and availability
  • In food ingredients for 25 years and in that time built up an impressive database of contacts and information.
  • Contact us today with your offers to buy and sell…using current technology
  • Your Offers will be listed in MARKET PLACE