beef qualityBBC Horizon programme asked if eating meat was bad for you. The conclusion was that red meat was OK but processed meats did carry risks . This review from the Guardian summed the programme up best.

I wrote an article about Beef Protein which must be a processed meat product? Now I am not scaremongering but I do have problems with products that seem unnecessary. Dont just take my word for it listen to the video message here from Elite Impact Labs

Elite Impact Labs claim it is boiled cows ears, tails, hides and ligaments or basically  gelatine tarted up with some added creatine and BCAA. You desreve good protein so go out and buy a couple of steaks!. Or get some quality Whey protein.  

Anyway back to the BBC programme who recceomended high quality red meat os OK …in moderation of course

Enjoy !

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