At VITAFOODS 2013 in Geneva 14-16th May that weight  loss concerns were high on the list billions of people worldwide. Nothing new here you say !.  One product that is setting the trend is Raspberry Ketone .  Others we found out were Green Coffee Extract  plus combinations of Chrome Picolinate/Carnitine/PUFA(fish oils )


Raspberry Ketone.  It is mainly used as a slimming aid. Raspberry ketones appear to have a similar chemical structure to capsaicin and synephrine which may have a mild fat-mobilizing effect.

Like a lot of supplements research on humans is limited. The link below is quite a good review if somewhat sceptical.

At Currie Marketing we can provide all the documents for approval including Heavy metals and we can offer from Stock too.

Pb 3 ppm, Cd 1 ppm and Hg0.1 ppm to comply with finished health supplements regulations .

EU Heavy metal regulation EC/629/2008

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Green Coffee Extracts with 50% Chlorogenic Acid

The above link shows some scientific studies have been done with favourable results for Green Coffee Extract and weight loss.

Our Product comes from India from the extensive production of coffee and decaffeinated coffee. India is in the world top 10 producers of coffee with 4% of the world market.

India however has a well developed chemical industry with many companies involved in extractions and therefore has a distinct advantage over developing nations