Meaty with no meat for vegan foods

NGREDIENTS for Reaction Flavours.
Going back to my roots when I first imported Cysteine and Glycine and Xylose from China back in 1995. At that time Japan was the main source of amino acids and Finland and Hungary produced Xylose.
Reaction Flavours use an Amino or protein source reacted with a reactive sugar to give meaty flavours. In the began Meat industry reaction flavours can give meat free meat flavours .
Back in ’95 Cysteine was nearly all from human hair or chicken feathers. Now with advances in biotech we can offer wide range of aminos from fermentation of plant origin raw materials.
There is still a problem with offering natural cysteine as most synthesis produces Cystine a dimer of Cysteine which is split using electrolysis.
Under regulation in EU this final step is not natural. However if there have been recent advances by Chiel Jedang announcing new technology to produce fermentation of Cysteine without electrolysis

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