Black Pepper oil – Prices are stable at USD 152/kg FOB We can offer upto 600kgs.

Cumin Seed oil: Prices are stable at USD 44/kg .
We can offer upto 200kgs.

Cardamom Oil –USD 205/kg- Season is over. Prices are firm, due to low availability and poor yields of oil in the RM.
We can offer upto 400kg.

Nutmeg oil – USD 88/kg – Arrivals are very poor. New season is far off in May/June, until when prices are expected to be further upward.
Can offer upto 6 drums.

Ginger oil – USD 88/kg – RM prices moved up in the last four weeks., steeply. Prices are further upward.
Can offer upto 200kg.

Lemongrass oil –USD 13.95/kg – Arrivals have reduced. Prices moved up, as season is over. Trend is further upward.Citral levels are lower currently at 68-69%.
Can offer upto 20 drums.

Palmarosa oil –USD 36/kg- Arrivals are short, and demand continues to be good, so prices moved up, and is further upward.
Can offer upto 3 drums.

Davana oil – USD 325/kg- Availability is limited, from last crop. This year cultivation is only 40% in comparison with last year.Prices are expected to reach min usd 400/kg this season.

Eucalyptus citriodora oil – USD 16.50/kg-Prices are continuously upward, due to damage of the plant leaves by some black spot disease.
Can offer upto 3 drums.

Citronella South Indian– Price is currently lower at USD 12/kg.
Can offer upto 6 drums.

Cedarwood oil Rect Himalayan: Prices moved up to usd 12.25/k levels.

Tagette Oil: Prices moved up to usd 150kg levels, due to poor availability.

Calamus oil: Due to short supply of roots prices moved up steeply to usd 140/kg levels, against usd 80/kg prevailed 3 months back.

Oleoresin Black Pepper 40/20 – USD 36.50/kg, we can offer upto 2MT.
Curcumin powder 95% – USD 99.50/kg

Cypriol: Season has just started. Prices are currently higher, due to short crop, at USD 160/kg
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