Acerchem Acerchem Bring you Market Report for Amino acids in China



HMB Ca          

It is becoming hot as the function of HMB has got great attention in the field of Anti-aging health. Market is a bit tight but Acerchem has good position on this products. Price level is USD15.5/kg FOB and Acerchem forecasts the great potential of this product.


L-Isoleucine & L-Valine


Market is stable and price is still week. Due to big supply, price is around 14.3/kg FOB for Isoleucine and USD8.2/kg FOB for Valine




The leading supplier of L-Glutamine, Meihua, adjusted their price higher in the beginning of this month. Market is crazy from China. Current adjusted price is above USD10.5/kg and will rise even further in Q4.




Too much inventory and saturated supply make L-Arginine plants involved in difficult life. Low technical threshold is one of reason for weak trend. Under the control of Shine-star, speculators are not able to do anything on this ingredient. At the present, L-Arginine may be a risk-free product as weak market might be kept.




L-Leucine was weak in this autumn due to the over supply especially for the Fermentation grade. Price is dropping to lower level and market will be kept at this level. Lowest level is below USD11/kg FOB if volumes are big.




The market of L-Citrulline is weak with enough supply. Price was keeping around USD14/kg as good channel from Acerchem. L-Citrulline DL-Malate will be in good position as well based on the cost saving of L-Citrulline.


Green Coffee Bean


The global demand of Green coffee bean is increasing as the market acceptability was expanding.  Conversely, the competition is fierce as we all know. More and more Chinese plants join Green Coffee Bean business cycle. After technique improvement, the cost is dropping and quality becoming more reliable.


NeuMixTM Vega Protein Blends


Acerchem always devotes herself to healthy protein products development. Again, she launched its new vegetable protein blends with different formulations of Rice Protein plus Pea Protein. It is a superior meal replacement formula scientifically designed to support lean muscle mass and fuel muscle cells. The major breakthrough for NeuMixTM protein blends is its amino profile. It is very similar to whey protein, however, whey protein cannot be declared as vegetarian.

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