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Since we last made our report, England footbal team went out of the Euro quite early and at least Italy did us a favour by not letting Germany put us out on penalties, as usual.  England passing was poor and inaccurate except for the one Ashley Cole did to the Italian goalkeeper.

Still we have Andy Murray in the tennis semi-finals.

In between these events the CPHI Show in Shanghai was on and we are hearing some news on the outlook for amaino acids.  The word seems to be many amino acid prices are falling and China reports sluggish market.  So that could be good news for a change. So it may be the case of waiting a bit before going beyond October deliveries.

Shine Star will be abck on stream soon for Leucince, Arginine and others and Koncepnutra will be back with carnitines.  Koncepnutra will have a bigger presence in Europe later this year as they move to service EU customers from local stocks.  Contact me for details.

BCAA and other added value products will continue to be more available.

Proteins seem to be continually short with whey prices still high.  Whey 90 especially tight.

Sucralose sweetener is in tight supply but may improve from October.

Arginine supply has improved as Daesang have increased production this year with capacity up to 2000 tonnes.

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