sweetenersSucralose prices seemed weak and under pressure at FIE.

A lot of new capacity in China inevitably means price battle like we have seen recently on GLUTAMINE and VITAMIN C.

Most seller admitted prices are down with the exception of JK Sucralose.  I asked their representative about lower prices but he asserted there will be no lower prices from JK. However Nuitang, New Trend and Techno were being more realistic .

I remember doing a project study a few years ago looking at the possibilities of making product in the UK using the older method using Trityl Chloride as the Blocker. Diosynth in Scotland owned by Akzo were the leading world producer of trityl and so it would have been viable to make sucralose there. Unfortunately Akzo had other plans and the site is now demolished and gone ! At that time we estimated the costs at around $40 kg . I am sure the newer Acyl process and other improvements have lower costs. So are we seeing the zenith of sucralose prices as they decline like all other sweeteners before ? If so the prices may still go a bit further a year from now.

Aspartame prices at $12.00 kg and Ace k at $6.00 kg ! I can remember both of them at over $100 kg !