vanillaNo Ice Cream for Evolva /IFF vanillin


Friends of the Earth are not happy with IFF and Evolva and their Biotech Process for vanillin.   See abstarct below


A new ingredient straight out of a petri dish is about to enter the global food supply in many of our favorite foods from ice cream to birthday cake. And like many of the products of genetic engineering, it won’t be labelled — instead it is being marketed as vanillin natural. But this ingredient is anything but natural;. Synthetic biology vanilla flavoring (synbio vanilla) is produced with a new, virtually unregulated experimental genetic technology synthetic biology,  — an extreme version of gene..Read more .

They go as far as saying that major companies should sign up to pledge they will not by this vanillin.They further  encourage us to share via Facebook and Social Media our disapproval of this Vanillin.

This may affect many projects for new flavours which are being produced by Biotech Processes and some flavour groups may distance themselves from this technology.

The method by Evolva starts with sugar and a yeast and the cost savings are reported to be rather significant.

At the moment only Vanillin made from Ferulic Acid is EU Natural . This process may be around a bit longer than expected if Friends of the Earth Campaign gathers momentum