Well I was asked by Simon Williams to produce a new post for Currie Ingredients after a bit of a lapse. This is due to either not having a suitable topic to complain about. Now I could start with the prices of things in Geneva but everyone knows that beers are a bit pricey. However I did have a beer at the Bar Sismondi in the Rue Sismondi.  This street is interesting with some nice restaurants at the end of it where it meets the Rue Paquis. At most of the other end it is lined with hookers ;they don’t bother you . I rent the same apartment here for the past 5 years it is reasonable and very convenient.

My visit was very familiar as was many of the offerings at Vitafoods and I wonder if it is getting a bit weary or maybe it is me.  I truly did not see any incredible ingredients apart from the Veggie Chondroitin from Gnossis which will do nicely with my Veggie Glucosamine. Also of interest was EPA from Algae. I think Algae products have a bit of interest for sure

There did seem to be a surge in interest from beauty from within, curcumin, collagen and plant proteins and extracts.  The Gummies from Nutris, Spain had a lot of interest too.

Vegan Veggie themes would be my tip for the next sports nutrition boom.

I will look closer into my bag for something to satire in my next post. I already feel something nagging in my bones about quality accreditation schemes or it could be I need another Joint Gummie with Veggie Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Collagen and Curcumin