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VITAFOODS  last week in Geneva was a busy show with many suppliers on show.  There were many stands offering amino acids from China and European Traders.  Also on show were some proteins and many herbal products.

Some of the highlights for us were :

RICE PROTEIN from Acerchem China .  Although Rice protein is not a soluble protein Acerchem have a very fine milled product that disperses very well in water and the taste is very good. They had a concept with some added stevia and vanilla that was excellent in taste and performance.

CURCUMIN  We met a few Indian producers who had very good products in low solvents, bioavailability and water solubility. E100 colour grades too. Prices have come down massively from this time last year.

GLUTAMINE PEPTIDES  One Chinese company were offering these interesting products.

CO Q 10  40%  Water Soluble.  We likes this product on offer from  Chemswiss. Co Q 10 prices have moved up a lot over past few weeks.

BCAA   INSTANT.  At last I found a producer out of China where the product dissolved completely and quite easily too; apply here for more details.

CARNITINE  . I had good talks with Koncepnutra, China who are the biggest in China. There has been an increase in production which led to shortages as new facility brought on stream. Plans to hold major stocks in Europe for improved service in next few months.

STEVIA. Many offering including modifications with MonoAmmonium Glycerrhizinate (MAG)  the water soluble form of Glycerrhizinic acid, a flavoring compound extracted from Licorice root

SUCRALOSE. Still in tight supply from China as production increases. Not the easiest product to produce by far. China increased prices 5%

Other interesting items in passing were  Sunflower Oil and CLA powders.  Fruit Powders from India and DHA algae powders.

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