We have added Vitamin B1 HCl to our range of ingredients to create savoury flavours?

How does this work you ask ? reaction flavours are created when Nitrogen in the form of an Amino Acid group especially sulphur containing Amino Acids react with Reactive sugars.

The application of heat to such a mixture produces savory flavours . A basic recipe is Cysteine and Xylose sugar

Vitamin ( or Vital Amino ) B1 HCl has a similar structure to amino acids and contains suplhur molecule too. It can produce similar aroma compounds to a Cysteine Sugar mix when it undergoes thermal degredation . I wont go into the mecahnisms but one of the important aromas formed is 2-methyl , 3-furanthiol important in chicken flavour. also formed by Cysteine. You will find often that Thiamine Cysteine and sugar are combined.

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2-Methyl-3-furanthiol ≥95%, FG

Vit B1