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Date: Thu 23 Nov 2017

Whole Superfoods

I have always been a bit reticent about some healthy food things over the years but my attitude has changed sine I see a lot of people making a fortune out of it.

In the past I scoffed at Vitamin Water which was after all water with vitamins added. Nothing really innovative here I  thought and who would buy this type of product ?? Well I think Coca Cola did for some ridiculous sum around £26 million. So more fool me then !

Then came the sports nutrition industry where again I felt that if you were having a health diet, no processed foods, and eating lots of vegetables and fruits and fish then who would splash out for powdered proteins that tasted a bit iffy?  Well it seems millions of you and sports groups have changed hands for millions too.

So this time we are getting in on the act since the market likes these things and my pension could do with a bit of a boost.

Our Colourful Superfood Range seems to fit the zeitgeist as they say. These are wholefoods not extracts or additives designed to boost whatever you need boosting . They encompass immune system, antioxidant activity, detox and and anti ageing..and… beauty from within.

They can be added to foods such as sports nutrition, protein powders, soups, cereals and you can fill capsules, make tablets and even feed the dog and cat. You will feel better have more energy and they will make you more handsome and beautiful and your canine friends will have glossy coats boundless energy and become extremely obedient too!

We can also supply them in sachets for adding to your own smoothies .

See full range at Colourful Superfoods  and see Green Machine below



Colourful Superfoods 

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