WS23 and Cooling Agents for eCig Market

The E Cigarette Market is getting quite a size and this report says it all–ash-less-vaping—research-and-markets-300418460.html


Flavours are an important part of the appeal and the above reports states

“With growing popularity of e-cigarettes, flavor and fragrance vendors are fusing and introducing a large variety of flavors to attract e-cigarette manufacturers. Different flavors such as menthol, mint, chocolate, cola, bubble gum, and fusions of other fruits and flavoring substances are luring large number of consumers who are adopting e-cigarette. The trend is expected to continue and contribute to the growth of the global e-cigarette market. ”

We have seen a surge of interest in our WS23 and other Coolants .  We can offer in small and large amounts.



Whole Superfoods

I have always been a bit reticent about some healthy food things over the years but my attitude has changed sine I see a lot of people making a fortune out of it.

In the past I scoffed at Vitamin Water which was after all water with vitamins added. Nothing really innovative here I  thought and who would buy this type of product ?? Well I think Coca Cola did for some ridiculous sum around £26 million. So more fool me then !

Then came the sports nutrition industry where again I felt that if you were having a health diet, no processed foods, and eating lots of vegetables and fruits and fish then who would splash out for powdered proteins that tasted a bit iffy?  Well it seems millions of you and sports groups have changed hands for millions too.

So this time we are getting in on the act since the market likes these things and my pension could do with a bit of a boost.

Our Colourful Superfood Range seems to fit the zeitgeist as they say. These are wholefoods not extracts or additives designed to boost whatever you need boosting . They encompass immune system, antioxidant activity, detox and and anti ageing..and… beauty from within.

They can be added to foods such as sports nutrition, protein powders, soups, cereals and you can fill capsules, make tablets and even feed the dog and cat. You will feel better have more energy and they will make you more handsome and beautiful and your canine friends will have glossy coats boundless energy and become extremely obedient too!

We can also supply them in sachets for adding to your own smoothies .

See full range at Colourful Superfoods  and see Green Machine below



Colourful Superfoods 

Amino Acid Imports to EU to be stopped ??

I wrote about the new legislation in the EU affecting imports of products derived from animal sources. It seems according to the UK that the good news is that Chinese Suppliers only need to be registered with CIQ Inspection China. If they issue a certificate conforming to EU format then this is all that is needed. We have just heard that the format required by the EU from CIQ is not a formality and may take a long time for Chinese factories to get one to satisfy the EU.

This means that it could be a risk to ship anything from China that does not comply. This means no Cysteine, no Leucine, no BCAA, no Tyrosine . This can have a big impact on Sports nutrition, Petfoods and Animal Feed. There is a different condition to import for animal use that needs authorisation from those that control agriculture. In the UK it is DEFRA and the imports section APHA that have the overall control over CVED policy.

At this point of writing no importer is able to comply with the new regulations. Chinese Producers and the CIQ will be able to comply but it will take time. The first real alert to importers was in December 2016 giving 3 weeks to be able to comply which is an impossible task. It would have been better to apply the regulations from 2018 which would have been more realistic.

Cysteine and other amino acids from feather have posed little risk over the 30 years I have been dealing in it. So the question must be why was this initiated and what risks were concerns? I can see that they want to bring all animal derived products under the same legislation but they have not assessed the risks properly or understood the time needed to comply. as I said no problems in past 30 years so another year would have been a safe bet is my opinion.

Now I do raise the question why Glycine and Taurine will be subject to this legislation when it is well known these products and made by a totally synthetic process. Why Glutamic Acid the base of Monosodium Glutamate is questioned too when it is well known in the food industry that it is plant derived fermentation that produces Glutamic Acid. It begs the question that the Food Standards Agency has no idea how food ingredients are produced. The thought process being if the name ends in “-ine” then make it subject to vet checks. However this is the agency that did not detect the horse meat scandal believing perhaps if it had four legs and came off a farm you could eat it. Anyone notice if supermarkets selling   Collie-Flour and cheese ?

We hear major producers in China reluctant to export fearing goods to be refused entry to EU Markets. This may create shortages and delays on delivery of many amino acids

Animal Vegetable or Mineral.

There are new regulations coming in from 2017 relating to imports of  products derived from animal origin. It is required by the EU that products derived from animal health should be subject to veterinary checks at port of entry by a Port Health veterinary Officer.  See


In a reciprocal agreement non Eu countries have to show they have competent vet checks in place and that the non EU producer is registered with the EU authorities as an approved producer. This seems quite sensible to protect consumers in the EU from possible diseases that can be passed on through imported animal products.


There are new additions to the Eu Regulations and a new sector called highly refined products. Included  are amino acids made from feathers and which are classified as additives. Additives are E numbers to you and me and will affect E920 Cysteine and E641 Leucine . Strangely the new legislation includes Glycine E640.  Glycine in commercial quantities is made from Ammonia and Chloroacetic Acid and is thus totally synthetic . Also included is E620, Glutamic Acid from which springs that old favourite  Monosodium Glutamate ( E621).  MSG was discovered in  1866 from wheat gluten and then isolated from seaweed in 1906 in Japan.  In all its history it has never been derived from an animal product.  So now we have to prove that something known for more than 100 years is not from animal origin and to provide evidence of this.

It makes on wonder just how competent the authorities are if they are unable to discern the difference between and animal and a vegetable> There used to be an old  TV quiz show in the 1950’s called Animal vegetable or Mineral ? In this show there were a panel of distinguished experts including historians and archaeologists and fine art experts who identified objects placed before them. Obviously the panel in the EU who determined the origin of MSG are not as distinguished or so expert and so we would have to consider the well known childrens game of the same name. In this child’s game you determine if the object is animal vegetable or mineral and then with 20 questions the others have to guess what it is . Anyway you I am sure you know the game…well most of you do except those who work out the regulations in our review.

I would ask them to go back and use the criteria in the child’s game and ask a few questions. I could even be fun trying it the children’s game way. For example lets take MSG.

Oh dear at the  first hurdle the EU fall down as they have determined it is animal. No I could forgive a single child of four years old,  making such a mistake but maybe a panel of so called experts  should surely not make such a mistake.  Is it animal derived ? Well yes they must have agreed even though an elementary Google Search would have thrown up doubts at this.  I tried Google for Glutamic acid and all I could find was derived from seaweed or wheat gluten. Yet the combined expertise of the EU has deemed it possible animal origin ?  Could be derived from Trifid I suppose ? No even they are vegetable >

What is worse is that Port health UK, DEFRA and the Food Standards agency have blindly accepted the regulations from the EU. But it will all be better after Brexit you say but unfortunately the same UK “experts” will have to try and figure out if some foods are animal or vegetable or mineral for themselves. The same ones who cannot question an EU decision.

The responsibilities in the UK are as follows and this is from Port Health itself

At central level:

DEFRA, through their agency APHA, have overall responsibility for imports policy concerning products of animal origin which includes food supplements where these contain products of animal origin.

Public health policy concerning food including products of animal origin and public health aspects of food supplements are dealt with by FSA. Their remit also includes novel foods.

At local level:

Day to day enforcement of the import requirements for products of animal origin and food is by Port Health authorities which are part of local councils. Therefore you will be dealing with a different port health authority depending on the port you are importing through.

If you import food supplements, Vitamin tablets, capulses, fish oil softgels then  Port Health can advise but  may refer you to APHA, FSA where import conditions are not clear.

You will see from the above that responsibilities are split over several government departments who each deal with different aspects of food supplements – animal health requirements, public health requirements, composition and labelling. I agree this is not ideal but it is the current situation and there is no one place where you can find all the information. Why not ?

I suggest that if you have enquiries, if the product contains anything derived from animal products you start by contacting APHA. If there is nothing of animal origin then you should contact FSA who will refer you to DH if appropriate. DH have provided some guidance:

Your local Trading standards department or Environment Health department will also provide advice


Now we can approach the new ingredients and additives on the new list. Let’s look at  Cysteine which can be made from a destructive chemical reaction on chicken feathers.  Unfortunately our experts will be faced with a problem on cysteine as those clever people ( not in the UK)have figured out a way to make it from a non animal source using biotechnology.  Now the brains who could not figure out that MSG is plant derived have little chance if figuring out if cysteine will be chicken or biotech derived ! The import HS Codes will be the same but they will rely on statements from the producing factory that it is not chicken derived.  If  it is from Chicken and for human use ,then we will need a  Vet Cretificate signed by a competent authority in the country of origin ( CIQ in the case of China ). The producing factory will have to be registered in the EU and the factory approval number stated on the document. There is one problem here, none of the factories producing amino acids are registered and approved . It will take months to approve a factory and I do not exaggerate if we are looking at 2018 before approval is complete.

Meanwhile what do companies using these amino acids do ? Tyrosine is produced from feathers and is an important nutrient in the animal feed industry. A shortage of supply here could have serious effects on pricing and rearing of animals .  The sports nutrition industry uses  leucine and valine but luckily there are fermentation grades available. Cysteine is used in bread, meat flavours and petfood with major groups such as Nestle and Pedigree petfood using hundreds of tonnes. Again fermentation cysteine is available at more than double the price but not in enough quantity.


So if we import fermentation grades  Port Health advise

“The amino acids that do not derive from animal origin are in theory not subject to veterinary checks and they will need only commercial documentation (Bill of Lading, invoice and packing list) however you should be prepared to demonstrate that the products are not of animal origin on request.”

So how do we demonstrate the products are not of animal origin ? Do we engage in a game of Animal Vegetable or Mineral with Port health and Customs Officers ?  It’s more than they did by accepting this legislation . Now I am sure there are tests in place to determine if cysteine is from chickens  or fermentation. DNA would sort this out you may think but the process of making cysteine from feathers is so destructive that perhaps no DNA will be available.  Then I suppose checking the carbon profile where there are no doubt profiles of carbon isotopes that may determine if from a chicken feather. However if we have to go to such lengths then our goods will be sitting at the docks for weeks running up hefty bills for demurrage while testing at this level is done.

No I say Port Health are the ones who will impound your imports at a whim and it is Port Health who should interpret all the advice from the other departments and draw up clear guidelines which will be applied fairly and consistently at all ports and by all officers

IFEAT Dubai 2017 Hot News !!

The hot news from Dubai was that is was very hot ! I think most days it was around 39 degrees C or hot enough to melt menthol ! The conference centre itself was very good and well organised and one of the best I have been to.

Hhowever organising some of the events such as the reception and the IFEAT Dinner outside was not a good idea.  Too hot and humid for all.

I know the Bjurg Khalif is the tallest building in the world but having dinner outside in the plaza ( Dubai street food ? )was most underwhelming and yes hot, and the dinner too . A trip to the top as part of our $260 dinner,er,  buffet might have been quite exciting. I found out that booked in advance a trip up the tower was a mere $30.00 or the price of a beer at the 360 Club!

Anyway we had the sparkling light show from the tower and I wished the lights had been brighter so I could actually see what I was eating. Still we had a fountain and lovely dancing girls and beers so not all that bad !

Oh yes at the show one of the main topics was all about orange oil. There were no offers and a lack of major Brazilian producers at the show as the market was talked up  and up. I have a feeling as in all these things that someone will make a tidy profit out of it all . The producers and the main ones creating a “short” market may do very well.

Other products being a bit short and in demand were Eucalyptus, Litsea and Citral.

Chondroitin HS Codes and Plastic Pigs

Regular followers of my blogs will have read Chondrotin stories before and here is another.  It’s the time of year to look at HS Codes for imported products and see if any changes are coming from HMRC.

I applied to customs classification services to check Chondroitin and they came back again confirming HS Code 3913900099.

Looking at he heading ;”Plastics and articles thereof; rubber and articles thereof

Plastics and articles thereof

Natural polymers (for example, alginic acid) and modified natural polymers (for example, hardened proteins, chemical derivatives of natural rubber), not elsewhere specified or included, in primary forms

I say it should be 300190800 which is the code for Heparin and its salts. Now Heparin and chondroitin are both classified as as  as  and

A major impurityin Heparin is Chondroitin and the major challenge in the analysis of heparin impurities is the detection and identification of structurally related impurities. The most prevalent impurity in heparin is dermatan sulfate (DS), also known as Chondroitin sulfate B  see

So Heparin and Chondroitin are very similar products produced from similar animal tissues and thus we say Chondroitin and heparin should be similarly classified.

I am sure I would be told that HS Heading 300 is a pharmaceutical heading and chondroitin is not a pharmaceutical. It is a natural polymer not elsewhere specified. A polysaccharide. There are some pharmaceutical products in the EU that use chondroitin .

In 2008 there was a scandal concerning adulteration of  heparin with chondroitin because they were so similar and difficult to detect. The crooks knew the similarities! If they are so similar and produced by similar process from the same animal how come they are different?

Yes of course it would be good under 3001 as it is duty free !!

At least chondroitin should be placed on the INN List .

Now where is the next windmill to tilt my lance ?

Obesity and the Sugar Tax

Sugar is the new enemy..well until “they'” come up with a new enemy. remember when fat was the enemy and producers came our with Fat Free and Low Fat . weight Watchers Brands and all that too ?! Still popular it would seem in supermarkets and since they have been around for years and the obesity epidemic is getting worse then the low fat has not worked very well at all !

So what is the chance for a sugar tax to do the job and who benefits. Well the chancellor of course will benefit and had lost money on sugar when prices were inflated to keep the green pound happy .  Industry used to complain that UK companies could not buy world prices and thus exports suffered.  Now it seems they will get some tax back again.

Of course it may be just a ploy to look good , to be doing something about obesity but not really much. Sugar is the new villain the  Blofeld of the ingredient world.  So now watch this space for a plethora of sugar free products or sugar free and fat free. Or sugar free, fat free, nut free and gluten free and I have just wiped out all of Cadbury Chocolate range.  Well its back to a good plate of porridge then minus the sugar the cream and the milk..absolutely disgusting but not as bad as wholewheat pasta with quinoa.

I have a feeling that the local Beijing Banquet restaurant all you can for  $20.00…will just be as full as ever this weekend !!


Accreditation Bodies waste of Time and Costs ?

Any of you who have been in this business over the last 25 years will have notice the rise of the Accreditation Standard Organisations. They were supposed to harmonises procedures and set international recognised standards to improve food safety.

I call it an example of the box ticking regime that pervades all walks of society but does nothing to stop , adulteration ( encourages it actually), and fraud ( horse meat). I see that BRC7 is trying to address the issue of fraud. I always thought that it was the responsibility of the food retailer to ensure that what they are putting out is safe and according to all food regulations .  Marks and Spencer ,I read, do not rely on BRC and still insist on their own audits.

So what is the value of these audits? They add cost in fees, additional personnel, time organising and conducting audits. In other words they have added costs and reduced margins for all in the food industry or cost the consumer in price and ultimate quality of the food as buyers seek cost effective solutions.

now audit bodies such as Kosher have been around for many years where a traditional lifestyle wants to preserve values and quality. It is probably the oldest quality regime in existence and started off in the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. The laws are there to see in the books of Leviticus. The importance of Kosher grew as the USA asked for it more and more.

In my opinion there is a confusing array of quality standards and all of them are basically selling the promise of standardised procedures leading to safer quality. In some respect they have been useful in knowing that producers around the world adhere to agreed standards. They have spawned procedures where everyone is audit crazy and where there is no standardisation of quality audit documents. You can get basically the same set of questions from so many different companies all of who have their own audit form that asks so many questions. I have been tempted in the past where companies have asked for the address of the laundry company in China who launder the workers factory clothing to answer Mr Wu’s Chinese Laundry. I dont think they appreciated I was taking their quality procedures seriously when I gave them this link .

Suppliers have had to employ many additional workers just to fill in forms . That is one of the good points of quality it has created many jobs form filling and box ticking . That sounds a bit unfair as they do have to be aware of the many ,many many …EU regulations on this that and the other.

The reason these companies have grown is based on fear and the culture of box ticking procedures. Box ticking requires no responsibility or empathy as in cases of patients neglect in UK Hospitals and Care Homes. It encouraged the Horse Meat Scandal as all that is required is sending a specification and ticking the boxes. The UK press recently has highlighted the problems of free range chickens. Free range is not open fields or yards but a measured minimum space that the “complies” with regulations is satisfied by box ticking .

In other words despite all the quality accreditations, BRC, FSCC, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 2200, Femas, UFAS, Informed Sport ( what is this ??)it wont stop abuse of the system . I have missed out Kosher and Halal as these are required by certain groups. However what they all have in common is a cost in time and money where someone ends up bearing the burden

Only by dealing with trusted suppliers and doing your own quality controls can you really ensure your products are safe.

From the beginning of time there have been those who would cut corners for profit and it is inherent in human nature. ( see VW emissions ) . Do you have suppliers who you feel will do the best service or just content to box tick ?



First Post for 2016 and emerging from hibernation

This is our first post for 2016 and it is March already .

We have been busy looking at how to get news ideas and directions and will be revamping the site in the near future.

What we have learned is that business changes have been quite marked in recent times and I can use the old cliches about the world is shrinking and is more open.

Well it has and it is. I thought with the electronic revolution that a lot of business would be at a distance. However buyers seem to value face to face meetings more than ever ; almost as if the IT revolution has isolated many of us and we crave human contact.

I work from home a lot in a small village and I can start feeling stir crazy at times and need to get out ! My wife can agree at time I can be like the old bear emerging from hibernation . I should be looking for conversation and contact but I may bite if ruffled the wrong way !

I think as I advance in years i may become cynical in outlook and yet have to remember that many younger people dont have the burden of having seen it before or baulk at new regulations and quality accreditations ( more about these in the next post )

The markets are in the present and not in the past so we have all to operate in the present or perish in the future. However this will not stop me having a go at some current procedures that can irritate the Sh** out of me.

Ok so some new posts coming and a new way of doing business too that should appeal to overseas companies looking to make impact in Europe



Paramount Going Green …Importance of Green Chemistry

GO GREEN is the message from Paramount Aromachem…see more

Paramount Aromachem, India have a new website 

DSC02580Visionary Engineering is the key to Paramount success

Chief Engineer and designer ,Sharad Agrawal  says…


As an ecologically conscious and socially responsible organization, Paramount is dedicated to preserving the environment for today’s and all future generations. Paramount’s quality management system is certified ISO, HACCP and is a reflection of our strong commitments to customer service, quality and continuous improvement. We select our business operations, production processes and partners who share our beliefs that the chemical industry has great value and if managed properly, increases health and well-being, safety and quality of life.

Paramount now claim to have the worlds largest capacity for Carvone and Carvacrol.

Reduced enviromental impact and at a lower cost for customers makes it a win win situation for sure.