We work closely with the following companies

Arora aromatics

Cis-3 Hexanol and actetate  Spearmints, Anethole and Basil Oil , Mint, Menthol


AndrahAndhra are prime producers of Glucosamine. Totally vertically integrated from chitin to finished products. Adherence to quality is excellent  GMP, HACCP, ISO22000, Halal . Powder and DC Grades. Techical advice on tablet production

ParamountPARAMOUNT AROMACHEM. One of the few producers of L-Carvone, D-Carvone and Carvacrol. These aromachemicals are produced from Limonene. Plant capacity late 2013 will be 2000 tonnes


BAEG logoBioactives represents Olive Life Sciences India. They supply Lutein, Marigold, Curcumin and other Plant Extracts such as Coleus.


logo (2)Producers of MARIGOLD Feed 2% and 4%.

Coleus , Turmeric, Marigold and Sesamin



k-v-aromatics-private-limited-logo-120x120KV Aromatics, Delhi is one of India’s leading manufactures of menthol and mint oils.  Cis 3 Hexanol and other fractions available from this first class supplier.   Basil Oil, and natural Anethol and Linalool




ProteoZymes is unique producer of natural extracts, enzymes, hydrolysates and nutritional supplements from agricultural sources. Managed by team of highly experienced professionals in research and development, production and applied sciences, today, ProteoZymes is delivering novel products for Food and Nutritional Supplements for Human and Animal Care and Industrial Processing .