Currie Marketing  Flavours for  eCigarette


Natural Menthol , Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, cis 3 Hexenol, 

Vanillin synthetic and Natural

Cooling agents WS23 and WS3

Flavour Enhancers Maltol , Ethyl Maltol, Ethyl Vanillin

Sweeteners  Sucralose

Now we are adding a full range of ready made flavours to our range. We are in cooperation with Apple Flavours Shanghai who have developed a very full range of flavours. More to come ….

We can supply a wider range of Essential Oils and Flavourings so please enquire



Jim Currie, MD of Currie, has been involved in the  flavour business for 30 years.  The main dealings have been with  food companies and top 10  Flavour and Fragrance Groups selling Aroma Chemicals and Essential Oils.




Currie represents  Paramount Aromachemicals for sales of Carvones and Carvacrol in Europe ;selling tens of tonnes per year. Carvone is main aroma in Spearmint Oil and so it was natural for us to develop mints and cool flavours



Currie has other good contacts in India for other Aroma Chemicals and Mint products.

China is another major area for us too where we represent Acerchem for a range of products including Garlic Oil, Ginger, Vanillin.

Juniper from Slovenia, Coriander from Russia, Oregano from Turkey, Orange from Brazil.

You will find we are very competitive


Currie are members of IFEAT