In the Market – Glutamine in short position June 2015

Suddenly Glutamine has disappeared from European stocks for June delivery. It has been we think, a combination of low and uncertain prices that has delayed shipments to Europe. Not only China is short but Daesang, Korea have limited stocks for … Continue reading

Quality Red Meat ..its safe

BBC Horizon programme asked if eating meat was bad for you. The conclusion was that red meat was OK but processed meats did carry risks . This review from the Guardian summed the programme up best. I wrote an article … Continue reading

China Produces L-Cysteine by fermentation

China is  producing L-Cysteine using fermentation. The process starts with  L-2-amino-delta2-thiazoline-4-carboxylic acid and then fermentation to Cystine and Electrolysis to L-Cysteine. This is different from the Wacker Process and so patent infringement is not an issue with Wacker. Acerchem Shanghai are keeping … Continue reading

Rice Protein Shakes

Rice Protein Shakes from Acerchem We have formulated rice- protein shakes formulated and ready to be packed up . Chose Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. Sweetened with Stevia .     AcerPro™ Protein Shake is a superior meal replacement formula scientifically … Continue reading