When a Health Claim becomes an Ill Wind

Judge allows class action lawsuit vs Coca-Cola over ‘artificial’ phosphoric acid to proceed, but admonishes money-grabbing plaintiffs By Elaine Watson+, 27-Aug-2014 A class action lawsuit alleging that Coca-Cola misrepresents its flagship product as being free from added preservatives and artificial flavors, has been … Continue reading

China Produces L-Cysteine by fermentation

China is  producing L-Cysteine using fermentation. The process starts with  L-2-amino-delta2-thiazoline-4-carboxylic acid and then fermentation to Cystine and Electrolysis to L-Cysteine. This is different from the Wacker Process and so patent infringement is not an issue with Wacker. Acerchem Shanghai are keeping … Continue reading