In the Market – Glutamine in short position June 2015

Suddenly Glutamine has disappeared from European stocks for June delivery. It has been we think, a combination of low and uncertain prices that has delayed shipments to Europe. Not only China is short but Daesang, Korea have limited stocks for … Continue reading

Glucosamine may Extend Life Span

Researchers at the  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have commented that GLUCOSAMINE may extend lifespan.  It is thought it lengthens life by switching the body’s energy  supply from sugary carbohydrates to fat  and protein. Studies have been restricted to Mice … Continue reading

Rice Protein Shakes

Rice Protein Shakes from Acerchem We have formulated rice- protein shakes formulated and ready to be packed up . Chose Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. Sweetened with Stevia .     AcerPro™ Protein Shake is a superior meal replacement formula scientifically … Continue reading

Pea Protein Demand soars as whey rises

Whey prices on the up says Nutraingredients on line magazine In the article they talk about plant proteins especially pea and rice. Now back in our blogs of December 2012 we advocated the use of Pea and Rice and … Continue reading

Complete Protein with pea and rice

Whey is an expensive product but well accepted in sports nutrition. However for a universally appealing product particularly weight management it cannot be claimed as “suitable for vegetarians”.  There will be an increased interest in that category. Whey protein does give the … Continue reading